Provision of treatment-relevant somatic consultation



Guidance for supportive care and extreme toxicity management



Enhance the value & marketability of existing clinical resources


Turning Tests Into Therapy

Clarified Precision Medicine is the only company that provides prioritized therapy options for oncologists.

Comprehensive Guidance

Comprehensive treatment guidance, disease monitoring, and early cancer detection, informed by molecular features.

Clean Adjudication

Cleaner adjudication of desired therapy through expert review.

Clear Probability

Clearer probability of tumor control and favorable toxicity profiles.

Expert Guidance

Industry leading panel of reviewers to ensure best possible recommendations.

How It Works

Obtain your precision medicine review within 48 hours with these 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Upload your genomic test results.

Upload your comprehensive genomic profiling test through our secure portal. We accept all genomic tests from all test providers.

Step 2. Review by a precision medicine expert.

Your genomic test results are processed by our AI-driven system and reviewed by one of our industry leading panel of precision medicine reviewers to determine the best treatment options available for your patient.

Step 3. Download your ClarifiedSelect™ or OncoGuardian™ Report.

Within 48 hours of submitting your genomic test results, you will receive a one page, easy to understand report condensing the patient's genomic test results into a ranked lists of treatment recommendations, clinical trials, and additional testing, if necessary. Furthermore, you will receive contact information for a peer-to-peer consultation if you would like to speak with a precision medicine expert directly.

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